Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Shame & a Decent Hanging for FoxNews is in Store

The Attempt to BushWhack a Highly Regarded & Respected US President by World Leaders from all Over the Globe on an US Owned Television Network or Otherwise is Beyond Distasteful!-- it is a Downright Un-American Activity that Deserves the Joe McCarthy Treatment and Much, Much Worse...

a Public Hanging... GD Right!

The 1st of its Kind in United States History, a Diary of the Daily Planning, Decisions, & Duties of the Presidency... notated & written by his Chief of Staff-- the #2 Man in the White House.

Being President of the United States is No Easy Picnic, Folks! The Age before their Time... their Burdens are Tremendous.

You Wear the Shoes of the President of the United States and Then, and Only Then-- Can You Pass Judgement.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

State of the Union Address in 2000 by President Clinton :-O

Does Anybody remember Just How Great it Was Before Bushca? What On Earth, literally, have We Done?

America... It has been Six Years Since 2000, Please Tell Me Which President is On Crack?

Here's My Opinion,