Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Washington Gang-- UR Fired! It's Time for Some Humility Around the Globe

The Current Severity of Our Foreign Relations with KAOS Demands an Immediate Resolution...

Not to Mention: Quit Spending Other Peoples Money in Stupid Ways.

Jez, they have spent more money thus far than we spend on the entire Vietnam War... and there is Absolutely No Light in the that Tunnel Vision.

Instead, Let us access those WWII Swiss Bank account funds and make an Investment in Tomorrow's Global Stability.

Once Mission is Truly Accomplished-- then send the Bill to the White House.

Since we cannot Rely on Maxwell Smart & the I-Spy Duo of the 60s Anymore due to the Lack of Interest by the President of the United States,

which is most likely following somekind of Warped Strategic Plan designed by Global Cabal(s)-- We Need to Empower the Best of the Best to Pickup the Slack & Execute what is Necessary with Extreme Prejudice.

These Best of the Best know Who they Are, and most of them just hangout in the Jungles of South America doing Odd Jobs, Here & There... and the Empowerers know Who they Are too ;-)

It's Time for a Whole Can of Uncommon Valor to be Whipped Out on these Rogue Rebels & Trouble Makers.

If a Pima Indian can Survive Landing on a Beach in Iwo Jima Fighting & Later Put up the Stars & Stripes... I'm sure there are a lot more of the Same that Can Do a much, much better Job of Enforcing our Interests around the Globe than that of the Cheney/Rove/Bush (Actual Chain of Command) Administration that Continues to Hide the Carrot & the Stick in a Undisclosed Location on a Frequent Basis.

Seriously Folks, Do You Honestly believe that the Combined Intelligence community of the Western Civilized World cannot get even a Handle on these Boys? Yeah, Right...

Remember Laos? What's the Difference... We were There & other Places, but NOT Officially... Plausable Denial ;-)

Plus, Lets put a Stop to maming the Innocient Civilians with Depleted Uranium munitions with your Shotgun Approach... Surgically, We Can Do Better than That!

Depleted Uranium Infant Victims, Access Link with Extreme Caution: Rated MA/XXX

Lets Begin with the Top (10) Global Most Wanted list,

Here is a 2'Fr Deal & it Pays GREAT Dividends as Well.

Erase Itnl Bad Hair Day

Great Intellectual Speaker, But doesn't have any Credibility.

Priest Vowels don't Include Guns & Terrons.

I Don't quite have (10) on My List... Care to Add Some More?