Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pearl Harbor II on Our Aging, Proven Battleships: The Baby Boomers

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That's right... another attack without a single shot fired or a single bomb dropped from an airplane, again, from The Far East... will once again Sink our Fleet of Battleships that have Supported Us & Our Country's Destiny for over 65 years-- our Retiring Baby Boomers.

Just when you think things couldn't get worse... they do, Day by Day.

Imagine a Titanic event with 100s of millions of passengers... floating in the frozen seas of the Atlantic... starving & slowly dying of thirst-- eaten one by one, hour by hour... by large schools of Sharks, when & whenever they feel the urge to consume their lifeless bodies.

I am Speechless after watching...

PBS' Frontline segment last night on May 16 2006 titled, "Can You Afford to Retire?"

[Transcript Quotes to Follow Soon]

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried, convicted, and executed for spying for the Soviet Union. Specifically, the couple was charged with conspiracy to commit espionage and were accused of passing nuclear weapons secrets to Russian agents.

Henry Wirz, Former Commander of Confederate Prison Was Hanged,

Reading the death warrant to Wirz on the scaffold in Washington, D.C.
Source: "Washington, D.C. Reading the Death Warrant to Wirz on the Scaffold." November 10, 1865. Selected Civil War Photographs, 1861-1865, Library of Congress.

Hell Hath No Fury like a Farmer

This photograph captures a scene most folks in Centerboro would just as soon forget. The 1930s were not happy years for farmers, who had trouble paying their mortgages and other loans. A group of Centerboro-area farmers marched one day to protest in front of the bank. They were met on the outskirts of Centerboro by a number of club-wielding citizens who had been deputized by the sheriff's department to keep them off the streets. In the ensuing minor riot, both sides suffered a number of physical injuries, but the deeper damage was done to the amicable relations that had always existed between the farmers and the townspeople.

I predict the Fever Pitch of the Silent Majority of Americans will Rise Again and Be Enroute to Washington, D.C. with Pitch Forks in Hand by 2010... & plan on Supporting them through My Efforts to Bring Back the Senate Committee of "Un-American Activities" to follow in the footsteps of their Rage.

There will be a Special Nooses available for the Senior White House Officials & Cabinet members as well... I'm quite sure of that to be one of the many Horrors that are to Come during this Period of Wrath.

Only God Can Forgive You.

I ask My Fellow American Commonwealth,

Who in Washington, D.C. should be on this List?

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Anonymous Mister Eha said...

Dear Reader: The picture and text of a confrontation betweeen poor farmers and club-wielding thugs near Centerboro, NY, was lifted from without permission. Mr. Eha's Place is perhaps one of the finest examples of paraliterary metafiction on the Internet. Its contents are fiction, something the lifter failed to notice, or, noticing, failed to mention. Centerboro, NY, does not exist except as the setting for much of the action of Walter R. Brooks's Freddy the Pig series of juvenile novels, and the text (here sans proper citation) accompanying the image is entirely a fabrication. As the author of Mr. Eha's Place, I consider this blatant piracy a kind of compliment as it promotes an agreeable blending of fantasy and reality, but I do caution you not to confuse the two. BFN, Your friend, Mr. Eha

7:40 PM  

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