Friday, April 28, 2006

The Immigration Crisis & The China Grab

Sundown on the Union: In the 80's & Now... Same Tune with a Twist!

Union Sundown
by Bob Dylan

Dylan wrote this fine piece back in 1983 during the Reagan Years.

Anything sound any different to you?

Listen & Ponder... and I'll be back to add more meat on this Turkey.

Well at Last, CONGRATULATIONS! to Cuba & Fidel Castro for finally finding your place on the Fossil Fuel Wheel of Fortune - BIG OIL.

Boy, have we been Blind for over 40 years... over a Mafia Real Estate Issue gone bad involving lost Revenues from Casinos & other Assorted Goodies?

So tell me, who has the last laugh, Fidel & Friends or the United States?

Previous to the Grab by China, they successfully grabbed this with our Congressional Approval,

What do you bet... that we take it back?

Another Deal Gone Bad.

-- Now, Here's an Artist with an Eye --

"Land of Greed, World in Need",(story: China tells US Congress to back off businesses), "31 Days in July Series" (July 5)

Final Analysis: We have a more pressing threat on the Horizon from China, Inc & the Far East than we do with Illegal Immigrants at the moment. Lets reflect on the numbers for a moment by Population & GDP Growth,

o United States - 300M / 3-4%
o Illegal Immigrants - 12-20M (estimated) / ??%
o China & the Far East - 2-3B (billion) / 9-10%

China has begun a Resource Grab program that will dwarf anything the United States has done since the 20th Century... so, what should be our Real Concern?

Our current US Immigration issue stems from China's advantage over our first attempt at creating Immigration Deterrents we crafted in the 90's: NAFTA. During that time period the Economy of the United States was growing by Leaps & Bounds... and we could afford the Hit of partial manufacturing migration to Mexico & Region.

CAFTA was sitting on the shelf as the last phase of the project to curtail the Illegal Migration of the poor peoples of Mexico & Central America. All of the areas CAFTA effected were the targets of Govt Fail Economic stewardships... any other countries near & not on the list had successful Govt Economic programs and their peoples did not have any reasons to migrate, illegally, to the United States. These countries not on the list are countries like Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, & Colombia.

The clear Objective of FTAs are to provide Economic Stimulus & Growth to a segment of the Middle Class population in the Regions targeted. In due time this thriving population of the Middle Class would demand better Stewardship by their Govts or forms of Govts. The final results would level the opportunity playing field with Us & Them and thus, eliminate the desire to cut & run across our borders out of the pure need of survival.

Unfortunately, since the Summer of 2000... our Economy has faltered & the rest of the World caught a COLD. Businesses, large and small, tried to outrun the Recession and a good many didn't make it. Others looked for another release and they found it in China & India. The foothold they created there outlasted their expectations. Now, their long-term Wealthbuilding efforts are following their short-term pursuits in the Far East. Why would I invest millions & billions in the United States or any other low performing G8 Nation at 3.5% on Return, when I can invest the same amount in the Far East and make 9-11% on my investments? ... Common Sense Wealthbuilding.

President Clinton was a Lame Duck president since 1999, and we have had a Lame Duck president ever since--- Just like President Truman's sign on his desk read,

"The Buck Stops Here!".

No, the Illegal Immigrants and Legal Aliens are not our Enemy-- China & the Far East are... Face the Facts and Plan & Act accordingly.

Therefore, since our President has failed his Economic Stewardship for (5) straight years, we can only look to The Congress to 'Bring Home the Bacon' in 2007 & hold them accountable for Results.

Lets go over those Economic numbers, again for a moment by Population & GDP Growth,

o United States - 300M / 3-4%
o Illegal Immigrants - 12-20M (estimated) / ??%
o China & the Far East - 2-3B (billion) / 9-10%

The biggest threat I see is Volume in Population-- we have a serious problem if their Economy produces more Middle Class than we have, correct?

Next, I challenge anybody to provide us up-to-date Population figures for both Spheres of Influence: The G8 Nations & The Far East, segmented by Economic Common, Middle, & Upper Class groups and Totaled.

With such information I believe that you will discover the True, Shocking, Big Picture that awaits all of Us on the Horizon.

My Solution would involve growing our G8 Nation population & its Productivity, and Protect our G8 Markets from Invaders & Plunderers. Immediately, we must address many issues Head On: Wealthbuilding outside of our Sphere of Influence, the constant attritional bleeding of our Commonwealth by Non-G8 Nations, Innovate, & Grow our Sphere of Influence and pick up other Friends along the Way.

Currently, there are (4) large continental resource markets in Limbo: Central America, South America, Africa, & Russia-- the Economic Power Grab has already occurred between Us & the Far East... and they are closing real fast on South America for the Raw Materials: China 1 - G8 Nations 0. Can we afford to have a potential physical enemy to have controlling interests in our Hemisphere? Does Dubai Ring a Bell... China already owns the rights to operate the Panama Canal... what's next?

Maybe someone from the Audience can come up here and layout the next steps of, "D,E,F, & G".

Today, we need to encourage our Central American Friends to START the GOOD FIGHT in their own REGION & the COUNTRIES within. The "Carrot & Stick" will be the driving factor behind our Encouragement to Produce these Ends.

The "Stick" will be the Deportation of Illegal Immigrants & the Ultimate Protection of our Borders-- the US Military.

Currently, our military has 100s of camps & bases dotted all across the United States.

My solution would be to Redeploy segments of the Military along the entire US/Mexico Border and Erect these Signs all along the Border in English & Spanish,

Notice the phrase: "Use of deadly force is authorized

If these instruments are good enough to keep US Citizens Out-- It's good enough to keep out Non-Citizens as well.

Secondly, we are going to Disrupt the Death Train that travels the total lenght of Mexico which provides most of the transport needs of these fleeing Immigrants,

First Class, but Rare indeed.

Viva America!

More to Come...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Upcoming Generations Ruined & On the Path to Oblivion

April 17, 2006 Vol. 167 No. 16

Source: Time

"Shawn Sturgill, 18, had a clique of his own at Shelbyville High, a dozen or so friends who sat at the same long bench in the hallway outside the cafeteria. They were, Shawn says, an average crowd. Not too rich, not too poor; not bookish, but not slow. They rarely got into trouble. Mainly they sat around and talked about Camaros and the Indianapolis Colts.

These days the bench is mostly empty. Of his dozen friends, Shawn says just one or two are still at Shelbyville High. If some cliques are defined by a common sport or a shared obsession with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Shawn's friends ended up being defined by their mutual destiny: nearly all of them became high school dropouts.

Shawn's friends are not alone in their exodus. Of the 315 Shelbyville students who showed up for the first day of high school four years ago, only 215 are expected to graduate. The 100 others have simply melted away, dropping out in a slow, steady bleed that has left the town wondering how it could have let down so many of its kids.

They all left to work for the likes of McDonalds and Taco Bell... that's just swell. I can just see their payroll deductions supporting the coffers of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, & Federal and State Income Taxes.

If you are 40-50 Something-- don't count on Uncle Sam's promises when you retire.

Was it all just a Dream?

Do you want to continue to "Live In A World of Darkness" or do you want to "Fly Like A Eagle"?

It's Your Choice in 2006 & 2008...