Sunday, February 05, 2006

2006 Is The Year Of The Exorcist

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and Tubular Bells will be playing on the airwaves all around the World...

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The Republicans have become possessed, and their Excesses of Greed & their Lust for Power has reached its zenith... now, they must be Exorcised...

ex·or·cise (ĕk'sôr-sīz', -sər-)
tr.v., -cised, -cis·ing, -cis·es.

1. To expel (an evil spirit) by or as if by incantation, command, or prayer.
2. To free from evil spirits or malign influences.

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Harry Reid, US Senator & Minority Leader - will execute the Rites of the Exorcism.

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The only question that remains will be...

How many will pass through this window?


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