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The Political Way: Sellout, Lies, & Deceit

This is a neighbor of mine that I found while reading my local newspaper's editorial section, in which John wrote a very compelling, outspoken piece about the State of the Union. I was so impressed and elated that I decided to look him up and give him a ring.

At first our conversation was guarded with suspicion on John's part, in my little county in a Southern Red State, it doesn't pay to be a progressive politico of any kind. But we broke through it all and since have kept in touch, and I intend on helping John succeed to that awful, deceitful place in Washington, DC... to an office in The Capital building.

Recently, John informed me that he had dropped out of the private sector and that he was going to invest himself in the public sector and run for US Congress. I reckon that he felt pretty strongly about his views and he put his money where is mouth is. Impressed, again.

Yesterday, John called me for my email address and that he wanted to send me a little something that he wanted to get my opinion on. I gave him the information and hung up. Later, I found this in my inbox...



John Konop

John Konop For Congress

P.O Box 706 (770) 852-2222

Lebanon, GA 30146

Republican Party official rejects John Konop—Republican candidate for U.S. Congress—because of his positions on immigration, trade, and Federal spending.

Canton, Georgia, September 29, 2005 — John Konop is seeking the Republican nomination for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District seat. Bart Brannon—in his capacity as the Cherokee County Republican Party Vice Chairman of Communications—repeatedly suggests that Mr. Konop is not a “real” Republican because of his positions on:

· Curbing illegal immigration by, among other things, controlling our borders

· Renegotiating trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA to strengthen American wages, jobs, and industry

· Ending out-of-control Federal spending

When told that Mr. Konop’s positions are shared by many fellow Republicans, Mr. Brannon writes that the proposals would, “…end illegal immigration without regard to how this would effect our economy... those are not conservative principles.” Mr. Konop rejects the assertion that lawless immigration and lax enforcement benefit Americans and represent conservative values.

Mr. Brannon criticizes Mr. Konop’s proposals for restructuring America’s trade deals claiming they would “…restrict the free market... (and) essentially grow the size of government and its regulatory influence on American business.” Yet Mr. Brannon refuses to explain how the CAFTA provision empowering foreign tribunals benefits American companies. U.S. Congressman Norwood (GA Rep), in a pre-CAFTA floor speech, warned, “If (CAFTA) becomes law, the administration, the American courts, even the United States Constitution will have no effect on the final interpretation of this agreement. That will be left to the CAFTA tribunal, two Central American judges, always pitted against one judge from the United States.” Mr. Konop rejects Mr. Brannon’s assertion that demanding smart trade deals means Americans are economic isolationists.

Mr. Brannon also suggests that Americans submit to China’s ongoing trade violations or, “…be ready to send our children to fight them within the next twenty years.” Mr. Konop rejects the use of such fearful, extortionist rhetoric as the foundation for American trade policies.

Mr. Brannon supports the votes by local Congressmen John Linder and Tom Price for the pork-laden Transportation and Energy bills, for the lop-sided CAFTA trade agreement, and against cracking down on China’s blatant trade violations. Mr. Brannon arrives at the conclusion that he and Mr. Konop are, “…on opposite ends of the political spectrum…I will be supporting your opposition whether it is John or Tom.”

Finally, Mr. Brannon says the Transportation Bill, “…could be better, but unfortunately there are not enough congressmen willing to decline their share of vote-buying pork.” Fortunately for Americans, Congressman John Konop will say no to pork and yes to balanced budgets. Please visit to learn more.


Two (2) emails from Bart Brannon to John Konop dated 9/26/05 and 9/28/05
Contact information from the Cherokee County Republican Party website flyer
Rep. Norwood Floor Speech

John Konop & Bart Brannon Emails

Email #1


No John, I do not believe by simply paying dues one qualifies as a member of any organization, especially a political group. But that is the practice shared by every political organization I have ever followed. The party can outline its basic beliefs as is the case with CCRP's mission statement hoping to attract those who subscibe to that point of view. I for one wish there were more Republicans running for public office, but it seems with every election cycle the party must look outside itself to find candidates (see Governor Perdue, State Senator Bill Stephens and five or six other senators).

CCRP is open to you with your isolationist philosophy and me with a desire to expand America's influence on the global economy. You would apparently seek more government imposed restrictions on trade where I would rather let the free enterprise system control trade through higher quality products being produced here in the western hemisphere then shipped worldwide. If other countries impose restrictive tariffs, then American companies have the ability to influence consumers through marketing campaigns. If other countries offer lower labor costs as is the case in South America, India, China and elsewhere, then American companies should take advantage with the result being better deals for American consumers. If America offers lower labor costs as is the case with automobile manufacturing (I believe you drive a nice BMW built by a company that offshored much of its manufacturing to the SE U.S. creating thousands of jobs) then we attract that business. Government should reduce the burden of working with other countries (i.e. NAFTA/CAFTA/China trade) vs. building a wall around America to protect some perceived lack of competitiveness espoused by Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot and other isolationists.

Highway Bill -- could be better, but unfortunately there are not enough congressmen willing to decline their share of vote-buying pork. A possible solution would be ending so much money funneling through DC bureaucracy before being returned to the states. I think GA gets about 90% of what it sends to DC which is up from previous years due to Johnny Isakson fighting for our state.

Energy Bill -- Decent legislation if ANWR is approved. Additional research money for bio-diesel vehicles would be good and also benefit farmers so we could reduce that ridiculous waste of taxpayer subsidy supported heavily by Georgia's Saxby Chambliss as Chairman of the Senate Ag Committee.

China -- Either work with them or be ready to send our children to fight them within the next twenty years. Don't know about you, but IMHO that would be the war to end all wars.


----- Original Message -----

Friday, September 23, 2005 7:04 PM Page 1 of 2 - emailMyName

Subject: Re: CCRP - Constitution Day


I have not heard from you. The coffee over is still open. I would like to know your opion on the Highway bill, Energy bill and China as a trade partner. How dose that work with the CCRP mission statement. Is your point if you pay your dues the mission statement dose not matter. Thanks jk

Email #2


No matter who put the platform together, it's foundation is the same as Ben's; stop free trade, end illegal immigrationwithout regard to how this would effect our economy, restrict the free market by regulating how companies accom their work...essentially grow the size of government and its regulatory influence on American business. To me, th not conservative principles (generally or otherwise). With all due respect, I do not see the need for a coffee meeting. We are on opposite ends of the political spectrum totally different concerns and ideas about how to solve these concerns. Good health to you as you go forward in campaign, but I will be supporting your opposition whether it is John or Tom.

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: Cherokee County Republican Party eLetter SPECIAL EDITION


My web company was already correcting that before you pointed it out.As in any project, we constantly proof reading our copy as you may understand to make sure it is correct. That is just of other mistakes we caught.Our company is making the correction as fast as they can. If yo any more feel free to point them out.

As far as my brother goes, the platform was put together by fellow members of the CCRP pa brother was never a part of any meetings. Are you saying anyone who helped or supports the platform is not a real Republican?

Finally, can you focus on the platform detail and give an opinon without personal attacks and generazaltions. I have not found many people who don't think it's a conservative platform. Yes, I am still interested in your opinon. Also, the coffee offer is still open. Thanks

My comment: Is Bart for Real? ... or another out-of-touch Republican Bart Simpson?


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