Saturday, April 09, 2005

What the Bankruptcy Bills Means to You

Credit Card Companies Make a Powerful Point: Email Friendly Version

Credit Card Companies Make a Powerful Point: The Director’s Cut!


No Second Chances!
Bring Back Debtors Prison!
Congress: Thanks! The check is in the mail!

Press Release



Power to the Credit Card Companies!

Interest, compounded, will never be defeated!

Save the Asset Protection Trust! Less for them and More for US!

Talking Points

We’re demanding that congress support the American Dream: One credit card at a time

Vets And injured or ill seniors shouldn’t retain the same protection as our corporations, after all, we’re more than just people, too, we’re profitable.

So what that George Bush has seen the deficit skyrocket to record levels? The President shouldn’t have to worry about setting a bad example, after all, he’s not the one who has to pay it back!


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