Friday, September 10, 2004

Shake Up the Economy: Tony Montana Style

Ronald Reagan became President in 1980. After a year of blind faith and no employment prospects in 1983, I was advised to head to the nearest hotspot... Miami, Florida.

After a month, my friend & I did secure general employment where once there was none. I later took a position as a computer operator at a law firm in downtown Miami... that was nice as long as it lasted.

Not long after that, I headed up to Atlanta, Georgia for Mo'Money, and the rest is history...

But all the while I thought the upshot in the economy was due to Reagan's "Trickle Down Economics", I learn years later that Miami bubbled & burp because it had so much cash to launder from the Drug Trade....and it was a sea of money. And I am sure New York, Chicago, & Los Angeles were flooded as well.

See folks, illegal money has to be invested in a legal venture to be able to erase the dirty stripes. During the 80's, there was a lot of investment going around that later built legitimate empires & monoliths to mankind... all of this mostly fueled by the Drug Trade in America,

Can't find any Capital on Wall Street these days? Meet my little friend, my small town Miami-New York-Chicago-Los Angeles banker buddy. He's with me!

Okay, time is a wasting here....since the politicians can't get their head out of sand and do something in the decade, should we let in the next wave of Tony Montanas from Cuba into this country again in order to jump-start this economy, again?


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