Sunday, August 29, 2004

Welcome to My Dream... My Nightmare

Where I will find everything around me will be of an Oriental flavor...and less and less of what used to be called, "America".

And fewer and fewer of it's inhabitants will be remembered as Americans... A peoples from a far away place in world history thats innovation & way of life decayed during the birth of the 21st Century...

Sushi, anyone?

Welcome to the largest, Non-American Corporation in History.

Their speciality: they make things to replace you.

Could this be your face?

America, Are we running out of time?

Read Rory's Far East encounters. Rory is a young international travelling teacher in the Far East. Rory is from Australia. Rory has a network of friends & associates all around the Far East that he leans on for friendship & help. I believe his personal insights about the Far East culture are very fascinating and a must read.

Site Warning: beware of strong adult language content.


Blogger Rory said...

Cheers. Thanks for the link...

More adventures coming soon.


11:13 PM  

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