Friday, August 20, 2004

Reasons for World Wars

The reasons for most major wars are:

  • Trade - Pearl Harbor: Japan's embargo influenced by the United States.
  • I Want What You Have - Napoleon's conquest for the sake of conquest.
  • Vengence - Europe: Germany's resurrection after the Versailles Treaty. Had it not been for the trade issue between the Japan & the United States, Adolf Hitler would have been the Emperor of All Europe & Asia.
  • Fear of the Upper Hand - Vietnam: The United States' fear of the Domino Theory.

Some are a combination of the bits & pieces of all four.

Which category does Iraq fall into?

Which category will the G8 's WWIII (which includes the United States) fall into?

China & the Far East are treading on the toes of the G8 nations with their appetite for resources, production, & corruption, and it will all end because of the perverse greed of these people. Competition in most forms are productive to society, overall; however, certain forms are downright detremental to the fabric of an economy when these forms counterfeit & mislead with unfair practices.

I just wonder, how many US Greenbacks & Euros are counterfeited everyday in China to help pay for their Economic Boom... boom!

If diplomacy fails, I am very confident & afraid that this will be the final option to neutralize China & the Rest of the Far East and most likely give what's left to Russia to use in return for some mutual favors to the West, like OIL & a modern population more suited for mass consumerism.



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