Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Old WWII Veteran, Navy Secretary, & Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John Warner: Cuts Like A Knife

I can't tell you if this man said something from the heart, as a fellow veteran, or he was simply put up to it by the Bush Administration in the form of an apology for the Vietnam Smear Campaign against John Kerry's military accommodations. But what I can tell you is... that it sounded damn good.

But if this long term serving public servant can be trusted, it was the sweetest thing to my ears since January 2000 of what I heard him say on C-SPAN today. Here is something he was quoted eariler on regarding the same subject,

WASHINGTON - The Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said
yesterday that John Kerry "deserved" his combat medals for heroism in Vietnam,
which some vets have disputed.

Sen. John Warner, an ex-Navy secretary
under President Richard Nixon, particularly defended the process by which Kerry
won his highest honor, the Silver Star.

"I'd stand by the process that
awarded that medal, and I think we best acknowledge that his heroism did gain
that recognition," Warner (R-Va.) told CNN's "Late Edition."

Kerry was
awarded a Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Hearts as a Navy Swift boat
commander in the Mekong Delta in February and March 1969.

"We did
extraordinary, careful checking on that type of medal [the Silver Star], a very
high one, when it goes through the secretary," Warner said. "I feel that he
deserved it." Like Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Nixon - both Navy vets of World
War II whose war service was later questioned - Kerry has had to face recent
allegations in TV ads from others serving near him in Vietnam claiming that he
lied about his combat heroism.

(I hope to find today's transcript later
on and post it in place of this.)

If this is truly on the up & up, BRAVO SIR, FOR YOUR UNIQUE HONESTY AND COURAGE!


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