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My Email MoveOn.Org, Thursday, May 27, 2004 10:33 AM

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Subject: Re: What do you think about Iraq?

From: Mike Masters

To: Wes Boyd, Joan Blades, Carrie Olson, & Peter Schurman

RE: You are Close -- now Take It to the Limit

Your recent newsletter said,


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Subject: What do you think about Iraq?

Dear MoveOn Member,
Yesterday, President Bush tried to respond to mounting criticism of his management of the crisis in Iraq. The American people were looking for a sign that Bush understands the situation and is adapting American policy to the realities on the ground. But in this speech, the administration just repackaged failed U.S. policy as a five-step plan. They obviously don't get it. We've got to do better.

First, of course, we're demanding accountability from the Bush administration. We're demanding a change in leadership at the Pentagon. Without this change, nothing in U.S. policy will change. But the problem remains: even with new leadership, how do we get out of this disastrous situation?

Most of the people we've talked with share two conflicting instincts: (1) that the U.S. occupation must end before Iraq can move forward but (2) that we have a responsibility to the Iraqi people to protect them from a descent into civil war. The Bush administration has failed to project any plan ending the U.S. occupation, and instead is focusing on an almost meaningless June 30th turn over of "soveriegnty." Recently, two mainstream policy analysts, James Steinberg and Michael O'Hanlon, made an interesting proposal in a Washington Post Op Ed, a call to "set the date" for the end to the U.S. occupation. We've attached the Op Ed below.


Here is my suggestion for the direction of an actionable PAC to assist the BIG PICTURE from a previous posting of mine to a candidate for the US Senate,

Too cut fed spending is not necessarily the object of the game, even though it is always in the frontal lobe of the Republican mantra. Currently, they have reversed this so called sin by spending more than they have in order to prop up our economy & sustain military operations. Never lose sight of the power of the military complex and supporting industry providers. Just visit LBJ's grave and ask him his historical experience with this group.

Fed spending should be a proportional percentage of GDP. When times are good we invest and save; other times we are forced to cut back. I believe President Clinton followed this concept very well and look back to what he achieved.

Therefore, please look back at Fed spending and GDP values and calculate the % of the cost of doing business since 1901. You might be amazed!

Also, keep in mind that we have a disadvantage/advantage with our superpower status & required assets to sustain this status; whereas, most countries ( competitors ) don't have/need this added value. This upper hand is very costly and threatens our ability to be competitive in the new globalization game.

My Therodore Roosevelt Diplomacy imitation wrote:
"As far as International TRADE goes, here is my two cents:

You wanna talk about trade agreements with the United States, meet me on an Aircraft Carrier, yours or mine?

A Superpower who has saved the globe many times over has more value than the race to the bottom, sir!.

THANK GOD! our Aircraft Carriers were out to sea during Pearl Harbour or it would have truly been the scene in Belushi's film, 1941!

Aircraft Carriers and B-52s, you got MILK? do you have any of these tools to protect yourself? Otherwise, take it or leave it!

Protectionism? Ah.... this is our home ball field and these are our rules.

Play poker with these boys, like my fellow colleage NIXON did with Russia & China, and call their BLUFF!

Who owns the airwaves of this Country? Who owns the telecommunications infracture of this Country?

I don't know much about this Information Age thing, but I do know enough to know that our so called friends overseas are using our technology against US!; therefore, I say:

PULL THE PLUG ON CHINA AND INDIA, RIGHT NOW!. You want to compete with us, compete with your own infrastructure.


I'm tired now. I am going to rollover in my grave and dream of a better tomorrow.... "

After listening to our beloved TR speak to us from the grave, wouldn't we conclude this simple fact from his message?

Due to our role as the World Care Giver & Superpower, and all of the trappings that go with it, how on earth do you expect this entity to compete with those that do not carry such a burden?

Therefore, our currently GLOBALIZATION policy is a plan for failure.

The NEXT STEP is: What do we do about it? Create Govt competition on all levels regarding ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & RECOVERY: AMERICA FIRST! ( PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DETAILS)


PS: If you're focus does not include Economic Development & Recovery, can you please help me attain access to $100s of millions of foundation funds that are out there for such an entity?


Dear B & M,

I am sorry if I offended anybody. Am I trying to start a new party? No. I am trying to build up a non-profit organization to compete with the system and steer it into the right direction.

This org would be more action oriented than discussing policy issues. This org would hopefully pick up the slack where everyone has left off when it comes to middle class economic development & recovery issues.

Our current form of entitlements are paid for by the middle class; however, we are not qualifed to access these entitlements unless we race to the bottom. What kind of deal is that?

We need to network and heavily from the local on up to the national stage and put America First! What does this mean?

Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class has been laid off. Most likely there whole career path has evaporated. They most like hold degrees too. What are they to do when they come to the fork in the road: left is "experienced required" and right is "Sorry. You are over-qualified."? Make another path....

This org should facilitate or grant funds for these people to launch their own businesses with business development, coaching, consulting, etc. Local banks have reps having lunches & dinners with the big guys trying to land $10-100k business loans. Walk in and asked them for anything less and they laugh and ask you if have a track record of success? Forget it.

Therefore, how hard would it be for this org to [i]underwrite[/i] these loans with local banks? This org should move at the speed of sound to empower the millions of lost, unemployed middle class folks and leapfrog the SBA program.

B & M, people are losing their lives, their healthcare, their minds, their homes, and many of these people have families with children. Does anybody get on national TV anymore and say, "I feel your pain?" and "Here's what I am going to do now...".

I first got involved with forums after reading a very touching story by an airline pilot with 30 years experience. I was shocked and deeply saddened by his tortured soul; therefore, I found him on a pilot forum. What is a pilot to do when there are no pilot jobs in the entire US airspace?
Can you picture a pilot being accepted for an office job, a waiter, a carpenter? This guy finally got lucky and landed something 1/2-2/3's his salary in ENGLAND! This is nuts!

I just met a nice elderly gentleman just the other day at my local One Stop WIA center. My God, he had to be 65 years old and he was just laid off from Bellsouth after working 27 years as a wiring guy in the switching room. Who's gonna hire him at his age? Retrain? Retrain to what?

As far as treading on your Party goes, the org in question would contribute to your org and has no desire to confront the political process. It's desire will be to respond to actionable items and pick those other orgs that are inline with the org's vision and support them.

This is truly amazing stuff that I learned about in 2003. Religious groups form constantly using this fundraising path from Corporate foundations -- it's huge! Why not duplicate and put those funds to better use than basket weaving?

This org needs to have influencial members on the board in order to attract more and more foundation approvals. Some candidates that I would consider out the shoot could be: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Lee Iaacoca, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc...

I would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding my post that you thought were confusing.

I personally have been involved in this demise way before anybody knew it was coming down. My company knew the recession was forming in the summer of 1999. We didn't feel the effects until 6 months or so later due to the nature of our business. My company was the largest specialized carrier in North America that hauled 80% of the infrastructual needs of US, Canada, & Mexico for clients like Department of Defense, Boeing, Siemens, Westinghouse, General Electric, etc...

The day finally came when I was being asked to help with another downsizing effort and I simply refused and said, "look here instead!" My company at it's height was a $450M company that employed 6,000 people; nationwide. In 2000 we were a $350M company that employed 3,000 people. After the bust in the summer of 2000, I saw the writing on the wall for IT and that's when I stepped up to the plate and took on my senior management team and in the end... outlasted all of them except for (2). When the bondholder's took over my company in Dec 2000, I was lucky enough to intervene and stop their attempt at liquidating the company scheduled for Feb 2001. All it took was top hat dancing, a history lesson, some facts & figures, and a bunch of truth. They wanted their $80M back and that was all they came for, I must have had something on the ball that's value balanced with a $80M investment.

Unfortunately, it got worse and worse due to the lack of access to capital during this pre-recessionary period and when 9/11 happened it was all downhill from there. We laid off 2,000+ people and closed down 2/3rds of our business in September and my final official day was the day that George Harrison of the Beatles died.

I lost my rose colored glasses somewhere along the way...

Again, my intent is not to offend, but reach for actionable organizations.



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