Sunday, May 30, 2004

America First! The Vision and Structure at a Glance

I believe that the America First! organization should be structured very much like our current govt, with a little tweak here and there and a slice there.

Currently, our fed govt is structured into (3) independent branches: Executive, Legislative, & Judicial all enclosed by our constitution.

I would suggest this structure for America First!

 Board Members (Judicial)
 President, Cabinet, & Staff (Executive)
 State & County Advocates (Legislative)

Board members would serve for life, just like our Supreme Court fellas have it. However, the board dictates the vision and mission of the organization to the Executive fellas, and they have the power to replace anybody in the Executive branch.

The Legislative branch would fulfill the role as the ADVOCATES for the people and lift them up in the true spirit of AMERICA FIRST! This branch would have a State Speaker for each state and County Advocates for each county within each state. These advocates would be responsible for surveying the local hearts & minds and getting the job done at the local level and coordinate AMERICA FIRST! issues with state & local govt officials; face to face.

The Executive branch would be required to poll the State Speakers on issues and status; weekly. Their mission would be to lobby Congress and the White House and Corporate America in the best interests of AMERICA FIRST!

All members will collaborate together using top of the line secure collaboration software and the people we serve will have access to all members via public forum software. This will assist in benchmarking and providing the organization with a balance scorecard system to measure our success by the people for the people.

Each branch member would earn whatever corresponding govt official earns to level the playing field; therefore, the President would be paid $200K per year. State Speakers would be paid $150K (estimating Senate payroll figures) per year. County Advocates receive equal pay as their County Executive receives. Thus providing a fair and balanced and transparent leadership structure.

Okay, that is the structure. Now, what do we do with it?

AMERICA FIRST! will compete with the govt and the banking industry on all levels. We are going to duplicate every economic development & recovery program that the govt has, programs that actually work, and we are gonna do it better, quicker, and smarter… like the speed of sound: Mach II.

We are going to empower Americans of all walks of life to move to the middle and up. However, unlike govt’s pandering methods, we will focus and prioritize them from the top down based on value and revenue impact to the economy.

Our Vision will rid the McJobs and Wally World power grip on the young adult population. AMERICA FIRST! will provide a comprehensive hand up, apprenticeship program to this segment and return these jobs back to teenagers, and most of all: buildup the middle class.

Our Vision will rescue the retired that are now having to work at grocery stores to pay for their medications by providing them access to capital & career placement and start their own businesses or whatever.

Our Vision will finally provide relief and recovery for the upper & middle class American by providing them too the access to capital & career placement and start their own businesses or whatever.

Our Vision will provide business recovery expertise on a fee, pro bono, or barter basis by our membership network.

Our Vision will shape and improve AMERICA’s trade agreements and trade balances both internally and globally. This oversight will counteract large global & domestic monopolies and influences, and provide alternative solutions to serve the best interests of the United States, fairly.

All five pieces of this vision as outline above can not be achieved without COACHING & BUSINESS CONSULTING PROFESSIONALS. Personalization: Time, attention, and care lacks in today’s career placement govt programs. AMERICA FIRST!’s primary goal is to empower our HUMAN CAPITAL and end the career opportunities & placement practices of the past: The Lottery & Bingo methods. AMERICA FIRST! will provide the network and influence to improve the quality of life for all Americans by whatever means possible --- to be the force to breakdown these barriers. If that means a State Speaker needs to call on a few corporate leaders to assist in the placement of an individual --- so be it! Even if that means the President of AMERICA FIRST! needs to make a few calls or communiqués to hard to reach opportunities --- he will be required to do so!

Funding for AMERICA FIRST! will come by (3) sources: Foundations, Donations, & Venture Capital agreements. The first two are obvious; therefore, I will describe what my vision is for Venture Capital funding.

AMERICA FIRST! will use it’s leverage to underwrite local business loans and in turn will receive partnership percentage of the startup business for whatever period of time agreed between both parties. By using this method, AMERICA FIRST! will not tie up financial resources that can be better spent elsewhere; however, I would strongly urge that proper risk management assessments and accrues to be maintained and supervised at all times.

Basically, this is another example of AMERICA FIRST! competing with one the govt programs, SBA, which lacks speed and might.

If all of these initiatives have the opportunity to converge, then AMERICA FIRST! will be the catalyst and the centerpiece for much of the job/business creation/retention of the 21st century AMERICA. Members that are service providers can assist our clients that are in need. Apprentice candidates can be utilized by our members and our clients or even by us.

This isn’t rocket science folks, it’s just pure common sense. We need to rollback the damage that has been done, salvage what we can, and plant a new field of dreams.


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