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Re-Attain the Global Vision for American Interests at Home & Abroad


President Theodore Roosevelt, on 16 December 1907 and headed to Cuba and then down the coast of South America, visiting several countries on their highly successful cruise. Rounding Cape Horn, the Fleet, comprising of some 16 battleships. gradually made its way up the Pacific coast of the Americas. It met with ships of the Pacific Fleet in another review in San Francisco for the Secretary of the Navy on 8 May 1908.

The ships, commonly known as the "Great White Fleet" due to their white-painted hulls, called in ports the world over, impressing foreign dignitaries with the appearance of great power. The entire affair was designed to impress, and everything was done to make sure the fleet's appearance was perfect.


At the turn of the century 100 years ago, the United States had just emerged from a series of military excursions in the Caribbean & Central America as well as in the Pacific. In an endeavor to exert a wider international influence, it was decided to build up the navy and to send it on an extended tour of the seven seas.

Quite simultaneously, Marconi and a host of other experimenters were making rapid strides in the development of the new wireless apparatus, both in the Old World as well as in the New. Wireless was now enabling rapid communication from country to country and from ship to shore.

For a preliminary series of test transmissions, wireless apparatus was installed on two battleships, "Connecticut" and "Virginia", and trials were conducted in September 1907 off the Atlantic Coast of the United States. These wireless communications were conducted successfully between the two battleships as well as with the land-based station CC on Cape Cod.

As a result of these experimental transmissions, a total of 24 transmitters and receivers were installed on the major vessels making up the flotilla that would sail the world. The main network transmitter was installed on the battleship, "Ohio".

Altogether, 16 battleships and 4 destroyers, together with additional support ships, were assembled at the Brooklyn Navy Yard ready to make the 14 month tour around the world. All of the ships were newly painted a gleaming white and hence the flotllla became known as the "Great White Fleet".

Each of these massive ships bore the name of an American state, except for one which was called the "Kearsarge". Radio callsigns were allotted to each transmitter on each ship; some were just abbreviated initials such as GC on the "Georgia" whereas others were internationally accepted callsigns such as KSZ on the "Virginia".

This navy convoy began its epic 46,000 mile journey on December 16, 1907 just one week before Christmas. Their onward journey took them down the Atlantic Coast of South America, around Cape Horn, and up along the Pacific Coast of South America to California.

At Long Beach, a coastal suburb of Los Angeles, two ships from the "Great White Fleet", were released and two came in as replacements. The battleships "Alabama" and "Maine" were released and they were replaced by the "Nebraska" and "Wisconsin".

The next stage of the grand tour took the navy flotilla to Hawaii, then on to Auckland in New Zealand, across to Sydney in Australia, up to Japan via the Philippines, and then across to China, and around to Colombo in British Ceylon. The final stage of the tour took the largest convoy the world had ever seen to Aden and then into the Mediterranean and out across the Atlantic back home again. By the time this flotilla returned to the Brooklyn Navy Yards, 15 months had elapsed and it was now March in the year 1909.

Along the way, many goodwill wireless broadcasts were made, consisting of both speech and music It should be remembered that radio broadcasting on land had not yet begun and it was in fact still a dozen more years before radio broadcasting would be launched.

As the "Great White Fleet" proceeded around the world, many wireless broadcasts were made, to passing ships as well as to land based communities. The first series of major broadcasts was made to the combined navies of the United States and Brazil off the Atlantic Coast of South America.

On the Pacific side of the South American continent, another series of broadcasts was made to the combined fleets of Great Britain and Chile. While anchored at Long Beach in coastal California in April 1908, the "Ohio" made several broadcasts of music and speech.

As the flotilla made its way across the Pacific, several long distance broadcasts were made for the benefit of radio operators in Hawaii, Auckland and Sydney. Likewise, radio operators in the Philippines, Japan and China also heard a similar series of wireless broadcasts.

The historical rundown of the "Great White Fleet" informs us that additional wireless broadcasts were made for the benefit of professional and amateur radio operators in Colombo, Aden and Egypt, as well as to Greece, Turkey and Gibraltar.

When the "Great White Fleet" returned to the Brooklyn Navy Yards at the conclusion of this historic diplomatic and radio jaunt around the world, the entire assemblage of wireless apparatus was removed from all of the participating ships and placed into storage. Thus concluded a milestone event, not only in the history of the sea, but also in the history of radio, an event that is seldom chronicled in the pages of the modern radio historian

USS Ronald Reagan: U Got Milk?

(Harry S. Truman is actuall shown in this photograph)
This is what a strong economy can buy you. Can you afford one of these and provide a Million dollars a day just for standard operations around the globe?

We are having seconds thoughts ourselves in our moral struggle with Globalization...

This beauty cost us $5 billion to build. About 0.1% of our trade deficit's current value, carry the negative numeric value as well to our economy. Who does it serve? Us or Them?


o Top speed exceeds 30 knots
o Powered by two nuclear reactors that can operate for more than 20 years without refueling
o Expected to operate in the fleet for about 50 years
o Carries over 80 combat aircraft
o Three arresting cables can stop a 28-ton aircraft going 150 miles per hour in less than 400 feet

o Towers 20 stories above the waterline
o 1092 feet long; nearly as long as the Empire State Building is tall
o Flight deck covers 4.5 acres
o 4 bronze propellers, each 21 feet across and weighing 66,200 pounds
o 2 rudders, each 29 by 22 feet and weighing 50 tons
o 4 high speed aircraft elevators, each over 4,000 square feet


o Home to about 6,000 Navy personnel
o Carries enough food and supplies to operate for 90 days
o 18,150 meals served daily
o Distillation plants provide 400,000 gallons of fresh water from sea water daily, enough for 2000 homes
o Nearly 30,000 light fixtures and 1,325 miles of cable and wiring
o 1,400 telephones, 14,000 pillowcases and 28,000 sheets

Just One More for the Gipper -- A Prime Example of Strength We Desperately Lack in Today's Leadership Material in America...

The Sad Image of the Next Non-Bush President of the United States

Date: 07/31/1968
Photographer: Jack Kightlinger


President Lyndon B. Johnson listens to tape sent by Captain Charles Robb from Vietnam.


Cabinet Room, White House, Washington, DC


President Lyndon B. Johnson listens to tape sent by Captain Charles Robb (his son-in-law) from Vietnam.



How to Conduct Trade Agreements: LBJ Style

I would venture to say that the United States Congress is probably the busiest place on earth for perpetual negotiations & agreements, wouldn't you say?

Did I Mention the Importance of Aircraft Carriers?

Sun May 30, 5:12 AM ET Add Business - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Samia Nakhoul

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia (Reuters)
- Saudi Arabia was tightly guarding its vast energy network, still running as normal after a militant attack in Khobar, as its oil minister planned on Sunday to reassure Western executives over security.

World oil markets have been on edge over the possibility of a militant strike in top crude exporter Saudi Arabia, now pumping more than 9 million barrels daily in a bid to cool scorching prices.

But a purported statement from al Qaeda boasting of a hit on "American companies...specialized in oil" and claiming the attack on the eastern oil city of Khobar will heighten dealers' concern about supply security in the Middle East.

"No Saudi Aramco facilities or personnel were affected by the incidents in al-Khobar on May 29, 2004, and normal operations continue at all of the company's installations," state-run Saudi Aramco said in a statement received by Reuters.

"...the company is committed to carrying out the Saudi Arabian government's policy of providing a reliable supply of oil to meet world energy demand."

Suspected al Qaeda militants killed some hostages after Saudi commandos stormed a building on Sunday to rescue some 50 foreigners in a Khobar housing compound. Hostage-taking is a new twist in the wave of militant violence sweeping the kingdom.

But pledges of secure supplies from oil giant Saudi Aramco might not go far enough to soothe jittery world markets, where prices again were threatening to pierce the $40 a barrel mark. Markets reopen on Tuesday after a long weekend holiday.

"The attack has some shock value for oil prices, but things may calm down again," said Peter Gignoux, senior oil adviser at New York-based GDP (news - web sites) Associates.

"This was a terrible act of terrorism, but it hasn't had any impact on Saudi oil production or exports."


Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi was due to meet senior Western oil executives later on Sunday at Aramco headquarters in nearby Dhahran to ease their concern over security, a Western industry source said.

The state oil company's "top priority is to ensure the security of its employees, dependants, facilities and communities, by working closely with Saudi government authorities," said the Aramco statement.

The kingdom's well protected energy infrastructure has yet to be struck by militants, but some dealers feared emboldened fighters might shift from soft targets and attack production and export facilities.

Despite the fresh weekend violence, Western oil majors said they were unlikely to pull out of the oil-rich kingdom.

Executives from Royal Dutch/Shell, Total and LUKOIL had lived at the Oasis compound, scene of the hostage ordeal.

"I don't expect a mass exodus, but families will consider leaving," said a Western oil executive.

The Saturday attack in Khobar comes just days ahead of a meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in Beirut where the cartel is due to consider a big increase in output limits.

Saudi Arabia, the only OPEC (news - web sites) member with any significant immediate spare capacity, has made clear it will pump real extra volumes of some 700,000 bpd, irrespective of quotas.

By Golly, guess who is coming to town in the very near future to secure this area? Could it be the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71)?
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They are great Roving Platforms for things that Sting like a Bee,

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My Friends: Bob Reich & CNN

From: Michael L. Masters
To: ;
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 10:58 AM
Subject: CNN: Continue Waving that Flag for Us Poor Souls


I am so glad that CNN has taken up the 'battle axe' and is swinging it against our current Economic Crisis for the people. I have been watching Lou's progress on this issue and I am finally glad that Lou's segments are being quoted on the House floor -- it's about time.

I thought your segment on Jan 29 with Dear Abby was excellent! Just as President Clinton said that day to the press and Democratic folks, "You need to put a face to this issue". Once again, he is absolutely right when it comes to domestic policies. For 110 million voices and opinions to be distilled into the No. 1 issue from a well respected source of advice, was simply amazing. I hope her insight and conviction on this issue will make it stick on top of somebody's agenda in Washington.

Before 2002, I was accustomed to paying $50k plus for Federal & State, Fica, Medicare deductions; annually. Since then, I haven't been able to find much value for my yearly contributions. It must benefit somebody else instead, and that is becoming a problem for us middle class folks. Furthermore, I don't even think we are an element of anybody's statistics -- especially those of us upper 5 figure and 6 figure unemployed, highly skilled folks that the "system" has cut the cord on. If you are not on unemployment insurance anymore, how can they know your status? They don't want to know in my opinion, it reduces the size and volume of the statistical reports.

Here's what really galls me --- when I was officially laid off on the day that George Harrison died, I trotted off to my local DOL center to make my claim for unemployment insurance. During group orientation on the 'ins & outs' of unemployment compensation, they separated us into (2) groups: those that they could help get a job and those that they were not equipped to assist and it kinda went like this: those of you that make $60k or over don't have to attend our required programs like the others. All you have to do is submit your weekly status to our online website. Good Luck and Good Bye.

I would have to say that we are at a crossroads right now, and somebody will have to make the tough decisions to get us out of this mess and get us back on track. The 'root cause' finger is currently pointed at Globalization and rightly so. Since the USA is the largest basket for consumers in the world, we should have the upper hand you would think. Or maybe the 'needs of the few out weigh the needs of the many?' Interesting concept.

When searching for the lost Holy Grail one only has to ask this simple question: "Who does it serve?". If a case can be presented that confirms Globalization is actually good for us --- then lets have that debate out in the open on the floor. Otherwise, we need to change our strategy and course to recover and build on what we have lost and put a barricade over the opening of that lurid, dangerous mine that leads to nowhere.

I am sorry, as an American, I do not desire my country to be turned into a 3rd World country for anybody's gain. And most 3rd World countries are defined by the simple fact that they have little or no middle class income populations in their economies. Is this the path we want for ourselves and our children and their children's children?

In closing I would have to say that this being my 4th recession, that I have never witnessed the utter and complete failure of our country's pillars of support to illustrate the lack there of. And one of the critical pillars is the media. When government of the people, for the people stray, the burden falls on our abundance of free press to get the message out to that entity and enable them to focus on our issues and get them back on track.

I am sorry, once again to say, that the only media I see waving the flag for us lost souls in America is CNN, thanks to Lou Dobbs, Wolf Blitzer, and the many fine producers working for us and CNN.


PS: Just few suggestions to anybody that might be listening,

Unemployment Disability from Social Security - Wasn't the charter of Social Security Administration intended to provide 'Social Security' to the American people during times of adversity? If so, then for those of us that have paid in to the system generously without 401k's or have exhausted such plans, should we not be eligible for disability due to the current economic adverse conditions and provide the means to add fuel to this economy? Top Economic advisors think so.

Make the Phone Ring with Career Professionals - In the words of 'supply and demand': when demand is high you can afford to wait for the phone to ring, but once it doesn't ring anymore, you need to pick up the phone and make some calls to your customer base and rally them to your supply. For the high skilled, high income professionals, headhunters are their life-line to their next career move. Since the fall of the stock market and such, these headhunters went bankrupt or adapted to low producing ventures. Networking is KING in today's job market -- without it you are drifting around like a satellite in outer space, much like the adventures of the old TV show, Lost in Space.

Therefore, I would recommend that the DOL hire these headhunters as consultants, set goals, and measure the effectiveness of the program and produce results. The current scheme of the Lottery or Bingo style job market game is not very productive in the short-term period we have. We need results and we need it now. How are we gonna pay the deficit down and provide Social Security with the funds to service the ever looming baby boom massive retirement on the horizon making ZERO to 1/3 to 1/2 of our normal income? This does not compute. Make a list of those unemployed middle to upper income workers, descending by years out of work, and then one by one aggressively market them and place them wherever they may land.

Shutdown the Iraq Program - we simply can't afford it right now. With or without face it really doesn't matter because at home in America, we are unemployed, transitioning empty faces in a crowd, slowly our life forms are becoming ghosts that can only haunt the living -- we have very little else to do, or offer, or contribute.
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From: Robert Reich
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 4:45 PM
Subject: RE: Forum 2004 - A Skilled Workforce: A stronger Economy


Many thanks, and thanks for your ideas, too.

Bob Reich

America First! The Vision and Structure at a Glance

I believe that the America First! organization should be structured very much like our current govt, with a little tweak here and there and a slice there.

Currently, our fed govt is structured into (3) independent branches: Executive, Legislative, & Judicial all enclosed by our constitution.

I would suggest this structure for America First!

 Board Members (Judicial)
 President, Cabinet, & Staff (Executive)
 State & County Advocates (Legislative)

Board members would serve for life, just like our Supreme Court fellas have it. However, the board dictates the vision and mission of the organization to the Executive fellas, and they have the power to replace anybody in the Executive branch.

The Legislative branch would fulfill the role as the ADVOCATES for the people and lift them up in the true spirit of AMERICA FIRST! This branch would have a State Speaker for each state and County Advocates for each county within each state. These advocates would be responsible for surveying the local hearts & minds and getting the job done at the local level and coordinate AMERICA FIRST! issues with state & local govt officials; face to face.

The Executive branch would be required to poll the State Speakers on issues and status; weekly. Their mission would be to lobby Congress and the White House and Corporate America in the best interests of AMERICA FIRST!

All members will collaborate together using top of the line secure collaboration software and the people we serve will have access to all members via public forum software. This will assist in benchmarking and providing the organization with a balance scorecard system to measure our success by the people for the people.

Each branch member would earn whatever corresponding govt official earns to level the playing field; therefore, the President would be paid $200K per year. State Speakers would be paid $150K (estimating Senate payroll figures) per year. County Advocates receive equal pay as their County Executive receives. Thus providing a fair and balanced and transparent leadership structure.

Okay, that is the structure. Now, what do we do with it?

AMERICA FIRST! will compete with the govt and the banking industry on all levels. We are going to duplicate every economic development & recovery program that the govt has, programs that actually work, and we are gonna do it better, quicker, and smarter… like the speed of sound: Mach II.

We are going to empower Americans of all walks of life to move to the middle and up. However, unlike govt’s pandering methods, we will focus and prioritize them from the top down based on value and revenue impact to the economy.

Our Vision will rid the McJobs and Wally World power grip on the young adult population. AMERICA FIRST! will provide a comprehensive hand up, apprenticeship program to this segment and return these jobs back to teenagers, and most of all: buildup the middle class.

Our Vision will rescue the retired that are now having to work at grocery stores to pay for their medications by providing them access to capital & career placement and start their own businesses or whatever.

Our Vision will finally provide relief and recovery for the upper & middle class American by providing them too the access to capital & career placement and start their own businesses or whatever.

Our Vision will provide business recovery expertise on a fee, pro bono, or barter basis by our membership network.

Our Vision will shape and improve AMERICA’s trade agreements and trade balances both internally and globally. This oversight will counteract large global & domestic monopolies and influences, and provide alternative solutions to serve the best interests of the United States, fairly.

All five pieces of this vision as outline above can not be achieved without COACHING & BUSINESS CONSULTING PROFESSIONALS. Personalization: Time, attention, and care lacks in today’s career placement govt programs. AMERICA FIRST!’s primary goal is to empower our HUMAN CAPITAL and end the career opportunities & placement practices of the past: The Lottery & Bingo methods. AMERICA FIRST! will provide the network and influence to improve the quality of life for all Americans by whatever means possible --- to be the force to breakdown these barriers. If that means a State Speaker needs to call on a few corporate leaders to assist in the placement of an individual --- so be it! Even if that means the President of AMERICA FIRST! needs to make a few calls or communiqués to hard to reach opportunities --- he will be required to do so!

Funding for AMERICA FIRST! will come by (3) sources: Foundations, Donations, & Venture Capital agreements. The first two are obvious; therefore, I will describe what my vision is for Venture Capital funding.

AMERICA FIRST! will use it’s leverage to underwrite local business loans and in turn will receive partnership percentage of the startup business for whatever period of time agreed between both parties. By using this method, AMERICA FIRST! will not tie up financial resources that can be better spent elsewhere; however, I would strongly urge that proper risk management assessments and accrues to be maintained and supervised at all times.

Basically, this is another example of AMERICA FIRST! competing with one the govt programs, SBA, which lacks speed and might.

If all of these initiatives have the opportunity to converge, then AMERICA FIRST! will be the catalyst and the centerpiece for much of the job/business creation/retention of the 21st century AMERICA. Members that are service providers can assist our clients that are in need. Apprentice candidates can be utilized by our members and our clients or even by us.

This isn’t rocket science folks, it’s just pure common sense. We need to rollback the damage that has been done, salvage what we can, and plant a new field of dreams.

My Email MoveOn.Org, Thursday, May 27, 2004 10:33 AM

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From: Michael L. Masters
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Subject: Re: What do you think about Iraq?

From: Mike Masters

To: Wes Boyd, Joan Blades, Carrie Olson, & Peter Schurman

RE: You are Close -- now Take It to the Limit

Your recent newsletter said,


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From: Wes Boyd,
To: Mike Masters
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 8:44 PM
Subject: What do you think about Iraq?

Dear MoveOn Member,
Yesterday, President Bush tried to respond to mounting criticism of his management of the crisis in Iraq. The American people were looking for a sign that Bush understands the situation and is adapting American policy to the realities on the ground. But in this speech, the administration just repackaged failed U.S. policy as a five-step plan. They obviously don't get it. We've got to do better.

First, of course, we're demanding accountability from the Bush administration. We're demanding a change in leadership at the Pentagon. Without this change, nothing in U.S. policy will change. But the problem remains: even with new leadership, how do we get out of this disastrous situation?

Most of the people we've talked with share two conflicting instincts: (1) that the U.S. occupation must end before Iraq can move forward but (2) that we have a responsibility to the Iraqi people to protect them from a descent into civil war. The Bush administration has failed to project any plan ending the U.S. occupation, and instead is focusing on an almost meaningless June 30th turn over of "soveriegnty." Recently, two mainstream policy analysts, James Steinberg and Michael O'Hanlon, made an interesting proposal in a Washington Post Op Ed, a call to "set the date" for the end to the U.S. occupation. We've attached the Op Ed below.


Here is my suggestion for the direction of an actionable PAC to assist the BIG PICTURE from a previous posting of mine to a candidate for the US Senate,

Too cut fed spending is not necessarily the object of the game, even though it is always in the frontal lobe of the Republican mantra. Currently, they have reversed this so called sin by spending more than they have in order to prop up our economy & sustain military operations. Never lose sight of the power of the military complex and supporting industry providers. Just visit LBJ's grave and ask him his historical experience with this group.

Fed spending should be a proportional percentage of GDP. When times are good we invest and save; other times we are forced to cut back. I believe President Clinton followed this concept very well and look back to what he achieved.

Therefore, please look back at Fed spending and GDP values and calculate the % of the cost of doing business since 1901. You might be amazed!

Also, keep in mind that we have a disadvantage/advantage with our superpower status & required assets to sustain this status; whereas, most countries ( competitors ) don't have/need this added value. This upper hand is very costly and threatens our ability to be competitive in the new globalization game.

My Therodore Roosevelt Diplomacy imitation wrote:
"As far as International TRADE goes, here is my two cents:

You wanna talk about trade agreements with the United States, meet me on an Aircraft Carrier, yours or mine?

A Superpower who has saved the globe many times over has more value than the race to the bottom, sir!.

THANK GOD! our Aircraft Carriers were out to sea during Pearl Harbour or it would have truly been the scene in Belushi's film, 1941!

Aircraft Carriers and B-52s, you got MILK? do you have any of these tools to protect yourself? Otherwise, take it or leave it!

Protectionism? Ah.... this is our home ball field and these are our rules.

Play poker with these boys, like my fellow colleage NIXON did with Russia & China, and call their BLUFF!

Who owns the airwaves of this Country? Who owns the telecommunications infracture of this Country?

I don't know much about this Information Age thing, but I do know enough to know that our so called friends overseas are using our technology against US!; therefore, I say:

PULL THE PLUG ON CHINA AND INDIA, RIGHT NOW!. You want to compete with us, compete with your own infrastructure.


I'm tired now. I am going to rollover in my grave and dream of a better tomorrow.... "

After listening to our beloved TR speak to us from the grave, wouldn't we conclude this simple fact from his message?

Due to our role as the World Care Giver & Superpower, and all of the trappings that go with it, how on earth do you expect this entity to compete with those that do not carry such a burden?

Therefore, our currently GLOBALIZATION policy is a plan for failure.

The NEXT STEP is: What do we do about it? Create Govt competition on all levels regarding ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & RECOVERY: AMERICA FIRST! ( PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DETAILS)


PS: If you're focus does not include Economic Development & Recovery, can you please help me attain access to $100s of millions of foundation funds that are out there for such an entity?


Dear B & M,

I am sorry if I offended anybody. Am I trying to start a new party? No. I am trying to build up a non-profit organization to compete with the system and steer it into the right direction.

This org would be more action oriented than discussing policy issues. This org would hopefully pick up the slack where everyone has left off when it comes to middle class economic development & recovery issues.

Our current form of entitlements are paid for by the middle class; however, we are not qualifed to access these entitlements unless we race to the bottom. What kind of deal is that?

We need to network and heavily from the local on up to the national stage and put America First! What does this mean?

Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class has been laid off. Most likely there whole career path has evaporated. They most like hold degrees too. What are they to do when they come to the fork in the road: left is "experienced required" and right is "Sorry. You are over-qualified."? Make another path....

This org should facilitate or grant funds for these people to launch their own businesses with business development, coaching, consulting, etc. Local banks have reps having lunches & dinners with the big guys trying to land $10-100k business loans. Walk in and asked them for anything less and they laugh and ask you if have a track record of success? Forget it.

Therefore, how hard would it be for this org to [i]underwrite[/i] these loans with local banks? This org should move at the speed of sound to empower the millions of lost, unemployed middle class folks and leapfrog the SBA program.

B & M, people are losing their lives, their healthcare, their minds, their homes, and many of these people have families with children. Does anybody get on national TV anymore and say, "I feel your pain?" and "Here's what I am going to do now...".

I first got involved with forums after reading a very touching story by an airline pilot with 30 years experience. I was shocked and deeply saddened by his tortured soul; therefore, I found him on a pilot forum. What is a pilot to do when there are no pilot jobs in the entire US airspace?
Can you picture a pilot being accepted for an office job, a waiter, a carpenter? This guy finally got lucky and landed something 1/2-2/3's his salary in ENGLAND! This is nuts!

I just met a nice elderly gentleman just the other day at my local One Stop WIA center. My God, he had to be 65 years old and he was just laid off from Bellsouth after working 27 years as a wiring guy in the switching room. Who's gonna hire him at his age? Retrain? Retrain to what?

As far as treading on your Party goes, the org in question would contribute to your org and has no desire to confront the political process. It's desire will be to respond to actionable items and pick those other orgs that are inline with the org's vision and support them.

This is truly amazing stuff that I learned about in 2003. Religious groups form constantly using this fundraising path from Corporate foundations -- it's huge! Why not duplicate and put those funds to better use than basket weaving?

This org needs to have influencial members on the board in order to attract more and more foundation approvals. Some candidates that I would consider out the shoot could be: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Warren Buffett, Lee Iaacoca, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc...

I would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding my post that you thought were confusing.

I personally have been involved in this demise way before anybody knew it was coming down. My company knew the recession was forming in the summer of 1999. We didn't feel the effects until 6 months or so later due to the nature of our business. My company was the largest specialized carrier in North America that hauled 80% of the infrastructual needs of US, Canada, & Mexico for clients like Department of Defense, Boeing, Siemens, Westinghouse, General Electric, etc...

The day finally came when I was being asked to help with another downsizing effort and I simply refused and said, "look here instead!" My company at it's height was a $450M company that employed 6,000 people; nationwide. In 2000 we were a $350M company that employed 3,000 people. After the bust in the summer of 2000, I saw the writing on the wall for IT and that's when I stepped up to the plate and took on my senior management team and in the end... outlasted all of them except for (2). When the bondholder's took over my company in Dec 2000, I was lucky enough to intervene and stop their attempt at liquidating the company scheduled for Feb 2001. All it took was top hat dancing, a history lesson, some facts & figures, and a bunch of truth. They wanted their $80M back and that was all they came for, I must have had something on the ball that's value balanced with a $80M investment.

Unfortunately, it got worse and worse due to the lack of access to capital during this pre-recessionary period and when 9/11 happened it was all downhill from there. We laid off 2,000+ people and closed down 2/3rds of our business in September and my final official day was the day that George Harrison of the Beatles died.

I lost my rose colored glasses somewhere along the way...

Again, my intent is not to offend, but reach for actionable organizations.